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LuCha 露茶 is the place to go when it comes to boba

Creme Brulee Bubble Tea (Anna)

This drink is a milk tea brown sugar tapioca pearls and cheese foam. The tapioca pearls were very squishy and well cooked. The worst is when you get bubble tea, and the tapioca pearls are hard, but these were perfect. The cheese foam was amazing, I had never heard of it before, and I did not know what to expect. It tasted like cheesecake; it was unusual, but I really enjoyed it. I also really appreciate the commitment to the creme brulee theme because the top of the cheese foam was torched and caramelized. The tea itself was very plain, it just tasted like regular milk tea. However, the cheese foam and the tapioca pearls added all the sweetness I needed. Overall, I rate this tea 9/10.

Passionfruit Tea with Jelly and Popping Boba (Anna)

This tea was extremely fresh. In fact, I saw the employee crushing up the fresh fruits behind the counter. It was nothing like any other fruit tea I have had. It was not artificial at all, and the fresh fruits made it so refreshing. It tasted like fresh juice, and the popping boba and jelly were great additives. My only critique of this tea was that there were passion fruit seeds at the bottom, and I did not like to chew them with the boba. The seeds are very hard, and the boba is squishy, and it was not a great mix. Other than that, this tea was incredible, and it is definitely worth trying if you like refreshing juices/teas. I rate this 7/10.

Lychee Tea Slush (Sasha)

This tea is refreshing. It has hints of watermelon, and the lychee pearls pair so nicely that it is the perfect tasty drink. I’ve tried other lychee drinks, and this one is one of my favorites because it is sweet but not overpowering, and I could drink the whole thing without feeling like it’s too sweet. Also, something that I haven’t experienced before was the watermelon undertones in a lychee drink– indeed I think that’s what makes the drink so refreshing. Normally cheese foam is paired with this drink, but I didn’t get any, although I did have a tester when I was deciding what I was going to drink, and the cheese foam is sort of like a whipped cream that has a little bit of a salty taste. Overall I give this drink 9/10.

Uji Matcha Brown Sugar Bubble Tea (Sasha)

This milk tea was good for people that may not be interested in boba but like tea. This drink typically comes with tapioca pearls coated in brown sugar, which I thought was delightful. The pearls are so fresh and the perfect consistency –not too squishy or too hard. The one thing is I couldn’t really taste the brown sugar as much as I was expecting too. These drinks have the ability to be totally customizable, and if I wanted to I could have put a foam on top of the drink but I decided not to. The matcha was a little overpowering for me, but I generally like more milky matcha. Overall I would give this drink 7/10.

Watermelon Coconut Tea Slush (Emma)

This tea tasted exactly like fresh watermelon juice. Although I didn’t get a lot of coconut flavor, which I missed. I think that it was very watermelon. I love that it felt fresh and not like fake candy watermelon. I don’t always like watermelon, so I don’t know what provoked me to get it, but it is a perfect summer drink. In my drink it had the crystal boba topping, which is like a citrusy topping with a tapioca texture. I sampled this topping before I ordered, and I didn’t love it but I wanted to try it in a drink still. I enjoyed it more in the drink but it is definitely not my favorite topping. Overall I rate this drink 7/10

Red bean Coconut milk tea (Emma)

This milk tea had a very strong coconut flavor with a hint of red bean. I got the coconut flavor then the red bean flavor. This red bean flavor has a nutty taste so it tasted slightly like peanut butter to me. I thought it was very sweet, so next time I will get less sweetness if I ever try this again. I really enjoyed the slush texture with this flavor as well. The topping I got with this was tapioca and crystal jelly. I didn’t love the crystal jelly in this kind of milky drink. But the tapioca was cooked to perfection. Overall, I rate this drink 8/10


LuCha 露茶 is the place to go when it comes to boba. The employees were so helpful and informative when ordering, they provided us with the option to test the pearls, foams, etc. The menu essentially shows customers how to order, and if you have any question you can just ask. The atmosphere in the cafe is cute and comfy. They also provide Solon students with a 10% discount. Compared to the other boba cafes around you are definitely getting the most bang for your buck, the drinks themselves were larger than any we had tried before. Along with the authenticity of the drinks themselves, other places often use fake powders that produce a fake taste and these teas felt legitimate.

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