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The wondrous world of “Wonka” and how it came to be

The wondrous world of “Wonka” and how it came to be

We know all about Willy Wonka and his fantastic chocolate factory. But have we ever really learned how Wonka’s mystic business came to life?

Not really.

At least not until Dec. 15 2023 when director Paul King released “Wonka,” starring Timotheé Chalamet, in theaters.

“Wonka” is a movie about the work leading up to Willy Wonka’s completely established chocolate factory. He finds himself at the center of three famous chocolate stores. This shopping center is where he had always dreamed of opening his chocolate shop. He meets many friends and people along the way that help him in his dream. Some parts I loved about the movie was the way Wonka’s mom was so involved in his dream to be a chocolatier. I thought it was meaningful to why Wonka wanted to start his career and helped in creating Willy Wonka’s sweet disposition. I also liked that Wonka never fell in love– it was all new friends he met. It adds to his fairytale character. The film “Wonka” is overall so whimsical and cute.

Timothée Chalamet’s performance was exceptional. I believe he made Wonka’s character less creepy compared to Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder’s creepy old chocolatier vibe. Chalamet brought the magical and whimsical vibe that the previous movies deprived fans of.

Academy Award-Winning costume designer Lindy Hemming put all her skills into this film. Her colorful, vibrant, eye-catching costumes truly brought this magical film to life. Hemming was able to capture every idea “Wonka” inhabits with her amalgam of threads and stitches. From the star of the show Willy Wonka to the tiny green Oompa Loompa, Hemming accurately unveils the personality of each character.

In comparison to Johnny Depp’s Wonka costume in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005), Timothée Chalamet’s costume is noticeably brighter. The giant trench coat worn on both actors during their respective films is seen to be slightly more vibrant and purple on Chalamet. Chalamet is also wearing a couple minor accessories which, in my opinion, make Wonka seem like a much more happy and welcoming person.

The Oompa Loompa is also far more likable in this version of the film. Hemming can be accredited for that. The purple suit worn on him during the film is slightly comical. It subsequently makes it difficult to see the character as any less than a funny friend.

While the costume design played a huge role in the production of this marvelous film, the music truly made the film. Although, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which the “Wonka” universe is based on, has always been a musical, the “Wonka” soundtrack was not as favored by fans. Some have even established that the songs in “Wonka” were “designed to be forgettable.”

In my personal opinion, the songs were not monumental, but they were good. The songs were fun and really helped grab the audience’s attention. The lyrics were nothing special, but they were always perfectly fitting for the scene.

If you want something light-hearted and up-beat to make you feel like a child again, “Wonka” is a must-see. The film wasn’t exactly lifesaving, but I can’t say I didn’t walk out of the theater singing one of the many tunes.

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