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A new lovey-dovey film: “Anyone but You”

Anyone but You movie poster
“Anyone but You” movie poster

“Anyone but You” is a lovely, swooney and cutesy romantic comedy. The film stars Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney as main characters Ben and Bea. “Anyone but You” was released in the United States on Dec. 22, 2023. I saw it after I came across TikToks about how giddy it made everyone. Many people on TikTok even said it was the “best rom com of the decade.”

I loved this movie a lot. It was a little cringey and slightly predictable but to me all good rom coms should be. It wasn’t confusing and is an easy film to watch.

Sweeney was a perfect pick for Bea. She can play both comical and serious well, and Powell and Sweeney had amazing chemistry. Also GaTa who played Pete, Ben’s roommate and friend, was especially hilarious throughout the film. I was actually laughing out loud in the theater.

“Anyone but You” starts with Bea and Ben meeting and going on an amazing date. But something happens where they both end up hating each other. Then they are invited to the same wedding in Australia and are forced to act civilly, which proves to be difficult.

I loved this plot– it made room for the movie to be funnier. Bea and Ben are stuck in a house together with the rest of the family who tries to set them up the whole time. When they finally give in, they start pretending to date each other. Since they don’t really like each other, a lot of funny circumstances arise.

But I have always liked romantic comedies. They always make me happy, and I think they are so adorable. I am hoping that they might be coming back after “Anyone but You” because I definitely feel that the past romantic comedies I have seen have been unbearably cringey. For example, the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” series was cute but definitely catered towards teens. I think “Anyone but You” could be for anyone, and since it is an adult relationship, it seems more interesting and realistic.

I also love the music in the film. The song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield is a big part of this movie. Ben is scared of flying and he uses “Unwritten” as his “serenity song.” They play it multiple times during cute moments that bring an upbeat and fun vibe to the movie. For example, they end the movie with the song that leaves viewers with a happy feeling.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in front of Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia was also a perfect spot for filming this. It was such beautiful scenery and they used Sydney’s most infamous spots in a lot of the filming–such as the Sydney Opera House. They also filmed in a beautiful house on the beach, and a lot of the movie was on the beach or in the ocean which created beautiful views.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Anyone but You.” It was witty and cute just as a romantic comedy should be.

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