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Solon’s Varsity Basketball Team overcoming a challenging season

Davon Simmons in the Solon Boys Varsity vs. Green on  Dec. 29 
Photo courtesy of @jaynekleinphotography
Davon Simmons in the Solon Boys Varsity vs. Green on Dec. 29 Photo courtesy of @jaynekleinphotography

Solon High School’s boys varsity basketball team stepped on the court with high hopes for the season. The team endured a brief loss streak but is recently showing promising results,according to varsity junior Davon Simmons. Their current record is 7-7. Simmons gives his insight on what it means to be a varsity athlete and his thoughts on his team’s connection and teamwork.

Q: What does it mean to be varsity?

A: It’s very challenging and fun because you have a lot on your plate like school, and also home issues, but basketball makes it feel like that goes away.

Q: How do you balance life on and off of the court?

A: We as basketball players balance life off the court by focusing on school and getting better individually, and on the court we act like it’s our last game. Also it’s a lot of fun being on the court, and it’s like everyone on the court understands each other.

Q: How does the team prepare for a game?

A: We do what any team does, we watch films on them, pick out their best players and shut them down.

Q: What are your thoughts on the strategies used this season?
A: The strategies we have been using are effective because they have been getting us the wins recently, and hopefully we can stay on this win streak.

Q: Is the team doing anything to prepare themselves for a stronger season next year?

A: We haven’t thought of anything because we are trying to progress as a team and focus on the now and start winning games to go to states.

Q: Has the team overcome any roadblocks recently?
A: We had two players leave, but we as a team have not broken yet and have been getting consistent wins.

Q: What is the team’s chemistry like on the court?
A: The team chemistry is good. We argue in practice, but when we are in the game and outside of basketball, we act like brothers and one team.

Q: How do different playing styles and personalities on the team complement and conflict with each other?
A: The difference in style and personality is good to have…not everyone can do what certain people can do with that skill set and personality. [Sometimes] there is someone with a big ego that everyone revolves around, but sometimes everyone’s ego can be the same and they all just balance on each other.

Q: Lastly, what is the best advice you can give to players that may be trying to work their way up to varsity?
A: They can keep working on their individual skills to keep getting better, have a lot of confidence and become [more than] a practice player.

I also interviewed  senior starter Mekhi Ali on the team’s skills and performance this season.

Varsity will play Wadsworth, Jan. 26, at 7:30 p.m at Solon High School.

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