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At 66th Grammy Awards, the talents of Victoria Monét breakthrough

At 66th Grammy Awards, the talents of Victoria Monét breakthrough

Victoria Monét is the most underrated artist of this year. She has written many songs for artists such as Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK, ChloexHalle, and the list continues, but through her releasing “Jaguar I” this past August, we can see her showcase her talent and skill in her own artistry.

Monét has been nominated for seven Grammys for this year’s upcoming awards for her album “JAGUAR II.”

“JAGUAR II” is one of my favorites. It has so many songs that you can listen to on repeat with no skips. R&B is music that comes from the soul, and “JAGUAR II” does just that making it a true R&B album to me.

Monét had a baby girl in 2020, and for such a new and upcoming artist she couldn’t take the risk of slowing down because it makes it easier to stop. But Monét came back and became better, having more material to pull from for when she writes.

Monét has said,” Having a baby in between changes [in your life from one thing to another] your perspective about yourself…Going through all of the motions, all the ups and downs of that and being able to come back full circle and still commit to doing what you love…” I understood how much her album meant to her due to the things she was battling during the writing and production.

Three songs that captured my attention are “On My Mama,” “Party Girls,” and “How Does it Make You Feel”.

“On My Mama” has put her in contention for many Grammys this year. I believe “On My Mama” is the best song on the album due to how catchy and energetic the song makes you feel. The message of the song seems pretty apparent, but after learning that she wrote this song to help combat her postpartum depression, the song means much more than her catchy lyrics such as “I’m so deep in my bag/ Like a grandma wit’ a peppermint/ They say, “Ooh, she smell good”/ That’s just ’cause I’m Heaven-sent.”

“Party Girls” uses Caribbean sounds and beats that give homage to her Jamaican roots. She also has dancehall legend Buju Banton who just adds more power to the already dynamic song. “Party Girls” is about embracing the nightlife and women celebrating because of themselves and wanting to have a great night or time.

The song “How Does it Make You Feel” explores the depths and reality that is the connection that two people who deeply love each other share. Monét’s lyrics “Out of all the world/ You and I align/ I’ll always love you with no compromise/ Deeper than seas and higher than the sky/ ‘Til there’s nothin’ left, you’ll be on my right/ Be it rain or shine, you’re forever mine,” explore love from her point of view making it truly seek in as she talks about love is unselfish and unwavering. I think what Monét brings to the table is rare and not as common,– everyone is so worried about the fame and recognition but Monét works hard to produce sounds that showcase her skill and talent.

Victoria Monét’s music videos for “On My Mama” and “Party Girls” just exemplify Monét’s unrelenting talent and set her up with some of the best entertainers such as Beyoncé and Chris Brown. She knows the power behind her music and she only continues to advance in

“JAGUAR II”, in Monét’s words, symbolizes her career as a jaguar. She stood low in the bushes as a songwriter for others, and now she stands on the scene as an artist and, in my opinion, taking the R&B world by storm due to how well she presents herself and her music. She recently went on tour and came to Cleveland’s House of Blues, and from watching her performances online, she has a big personality that screams star quality that can take her far in her career and make people more inclined to listen to her amazing music and discography.

For Monét to come and make such an impression is so impressive because she was told by the VMA’s that she wasn’t ready to perform yet, but she has shown her star quality and how she deserves to perform and get a chance. Her Grammy nomination just contradicts the VMA’s words and shows just how ready she is and deserving of finally getting the recognition for the day.

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