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The 2024 Grammy’s was certainly a watch!

Award shows like the Grammy’s are known for their elegant looks and priceless pieces. This year, no celebrities dressed down.

We will only be covering the Grammy award-winning artists. Some artists wore multiple different outfits throughout the award ceremony, but we are covering our favorites.

Miley Cyrus’s Golden Gladiator Look. Photo found on Yahoo Lifestyle.

Miley Cyrus

Starting off, Miley Cyrus. Cyrus won two awards (Record of the Year as well as Best Pop Solo Performance) and paid homage to Tina Turner with her performance. Cyrus took advantage of the red carpet and wore a total of five outfits throughout the ceremony.

Cyrus’s first outfit consisted of a custom John Gallino for Maison Margiela contour dress having a sheer look with golden mesh and safety pins holding the look together. The amount of safety pins? 14,000. How long did it take to create this custom look? 675 hours. The shoes, a yellow pair of Margiela Tabis, were inspired by a gladiator-esque aesthetic.

I thought this gold gladiator outfit was actually very unique, but I think doing five outfits throughout the award ceremony was a bit too much.

Image from Yahoo Lifestyle.

Swift’s elegant look. Photo found on People Magazine.

Taylor Swift

Another artist who won two awards (Best Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year both for her album “Midnights”) was Taylor Swift. Swift has increased in popularity just when it seemed as though she couldn’t get any more fans because of her wide and constantly increasing fan base.

This 14-time Grammy winner tied the theme of her album Reputation to her black-and-white strapless Schiaparelli gown with a thigh-high slit and black opera gloves.

Swift’s accessories consisted of a custom-made Lorraine Shwartz watch that was converted to a choker that was intentionally set to midnight, hinting at her new album. Along with the watch choker, Swift had a total of six chains in connection to Reputation being her sixth album with 300 carats of Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds.

I actually absolutely loved this look because I’m really into simple and elegant looks. Swift never fails to make any outfit look exquisite.

Image from People Magazine.

Karol G’s Silver Look. Photo found on of Harper’s BAZAAR.

Karol G.

The winner of the Best Música Urbana Album is Karol G.. Karol G. also made a difference by being the first woman to win this award with her 2023 hit Mañana Será Bonito.

Karol G. wore a slip dress from Marmar Halim that was on the simpler side with a silver undertone. She also highlighted her look with her bright pink hair.

I said before that I enjoy simple, but honestly, this look was boring. The color was just not aesthetically pleasing to look at and it wasn’t anything special.

Image from Harper’s BAZAAR.

Lainey Wilson’s Black and Gold Outfit. Photo found on Zooksfabric.

Lainey Wilson

The winner for Best Country Album was Lainey Wilson. Thanks to “Bell Bottom Country,” Wilson received her first nomination and Grammy.

Wilson’s outfit really embodied the country look with a custom black Balmain jacket with a tuxedo blazer, a plunging waistcoat. The waistcoat was lined with gold studded buttons, and she wore matching black bell bottoms and a Charlie 1 cowboy hat. The look was referred to as being inspired by Johnny Cash, according to E! News.

Wilson accompanied her outfit with three chunky gold chains and a diamond cocktail ring from Pomellato.

I actually loved this look because I think the gold buttons on the blazer stand out with the full black outfit. The bell-bottom jeans were the perfect touch to reach that country look.

Image from Zooksfabric.

SZA accepting her Grammy in her Sheer Gown. Photo found on Red Carpet Fashion Awards.


The winner of Best R&B Song was SZA. SZA is a favorite of Gen-Z with her relatable songs and attractive beat. Her song “Snooze” won this category as she choked up receiving the award, shouting out artists like Lizzo and Taylor Swift.

SZA also won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award for “Ghost in the Machine” with Phoebe Bridgers.

SZA skipped the red carpet ceremony at Los Angeles’s Arena, but gave a sneak peak to her outfit on Instagram. She wore a custom made Andrea Brocca Alta Moda strapless gown with an embroidered gold ornate neckline and a train of fabric following the back of the dress.

She then performed in a leather trench coat, a black sleeveless top, cargo pants and a wide-brim hat. But later, as shown in the picture above, she changes into a sheer silver dress as she receives her award.

I absolutely love the outfit she wore when she received her award, as shown in the image above, because I think it suits her curves perfectly and it is such a sleek dress that of course SZA could pull off.

Image from Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Billie Ellish’s Homage Outfit to Barbie. Photo found on Orange County Register.

Billie Eilish

The Song of the Year award was awarded to the featured song in the movie Barbie “What Was I Made For?” that was written by Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell.

Eilish performed in an exact look of a “1965 Poodle Parade Barbie.” The main pieces that tied this look together were the shiny pink headscarf and lime-green midi dress under the green tartan pattern with pink lining jacket. She also wore a slick Chrome Hearts varsity jacket with the Barbie logo featured on the chest.

I thought that her performance outfit was definitely better than her red carpet look because it seemed to have more inspiration behind it, giving the outfit more meaning.

Image from Orange County Register.

Victoria Monét and her Daughter Matching on the Red Carpet. Photo found on Harper’s BAZAAR.

Victoria Monét

The winner for Best New Artist was Victoria Monét. Monét is known for her song “On Ma Mama.” Monét and her daughter matched with coordinated bronze dresses. Monét dressed with a stunning corset that included ruched details along the sides with a matching silky skirt that built a trail to follow her along the red carpet.

I adored how adorable the matching dresses were because the shine of the dress compliments the color, and the silver necklace of Monét looks stunning.

Image from Harper’s BAZAAR.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Hitting the Red Carpet with a Red Dress, Shoes, and Lip. Photo found on CNN.

As a new category at the Grammys, Kylie Minogue won Best Pop Dance Recording for her track “Padam Padam.” This was the second award Minogue has won in 20 years.

Minogue wore a Dolce and Gabbana dress with a satin lace corset with double shoulder trains and Martin Katz jewelry.

Minogue was not at the award ceremony to receive her Grammy, but her co-writer Peter Rycroft picked it up for her.

This outfit was a nice scarlet look that I feel embodies the Grammys expected look on the red carpet. The slits made this dress more distinct from the others seen on the carpet.

Image from CNN.

Tyla with her gown and Grammy. Photo found on Harper’s BAZAAR.


Next up, Tyla won the Grammy for Best African Music Performance thanks to her song “Water.” Her song appeared as number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Many celebrities wore naked dresses, including Tyla. Tyla wore a seafoam green dress with slits through the Versace dress and sequin covering up the holes to give a slight mermaid look.

With her dress, Tyla wore Maria Tash diamond earrings with white strapped Rene Caovilla heels.

This is personally my favorite look out of everyone featured in this article because I think the layout of the dress looks great with her body and the mermaid look and glow skin compliment each other well.

Picture from Harper’s BAZAAR.

Boy Genius band in matching tuxedos but differing hair colors. Photo found on Vogue.


Phoebe Bridgers with her band boygenius won three Grammys for Best Alternative Music Album for The Record, Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song for “Not Strong Enough.”

As mentioned before, Bridgers also won another with SZA for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Ghost in the Machine.”

The band (Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker) wore custom Thom Brone silky white tuxedos with satin armbands, black ties and pink carnation boutonnieres.

The pink carnations were worn as a tribute to Elliott Smith who they also addressed in their song “We’re In Love.” They had chosen this accessory because the band had bonded over Smith and when Smith wore a pink carnation to the Oscars and was told it looks stupid. So, several years later, they decided to use this flower to pay tribute to their beloved folk singer.

Boygenius also wore red pins that stated “artists for ceasefire.” This phrase refers to artists who have come together as a community to advocate for the crisis that is evolving in Gaza.

I appreciated the inspiration and thought that went behind these outfits. Even though I didn’t like the look, I liked the background and awareness that boygenius is hoping to spread through their pins.

Image from Vogue.

Killer Mike

Mike in a classic black tuxedo with his three Grammy’s in hand. Photo found on Billboard.

Killer Mike won all three of the awards that he was nominated for. Those include Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album.

No sources provide what exactly Mike is wearing on the red carpet, but it just looks like a basic black tuxedo paired with a black tie and a brooch.

I honestly thought Mike’s look was boring. It just looked like a regular tuxedo in my eyes and it really had no substance to it.

The main news following Mike was his arrest for being in connection to an altercation that occurred nearby. He later was released with no bail but charged with a misdemeanor.

Image from Billboard.

Joni Mitchell performed in a gold-bordered chair as she moved her crowd to tears. Photo found on US Weekly.

Joni Mitchell

Lastly, folk artist Joni Mitchell won her tenth Grammy for Best Folk Album thanks to her album Live at Newport.

Mitchell and Brandi Carlile performed “Both Sides, Now” which was Mitchell’s first performance ever for the Grammys and was an unexpected one since she had a brain aneurysm in 2015.

Mitchell wore her signature braids paired with a black beret that matched her velvet black pants set.

People were shocked by her glowy skin at the age of 80 and Mitchell’s makeup artist Molly Greenwald shares some of the products she used on Mitchell and the secrets behind using them in a recent Byrdie article.

Everything about this outfit I loved. I feel as though it fits Mitchell’s personality and the designs throughout her pantsuit were very intricate.

Image from US Weekly.

Grammy’s is just one of the many award shows in which celebrities get to choose their desired designer and express themselves in a way that inspires others.

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