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A look into the new Yoga 2.0 class

Yoga 2.0 students Lillian Newby and Heather Cook doing  the partner tree pose during class.
Yoga 2.0 students Lillian Newby and Heather Cook doing the partner tree pose during class.

Introducing Yoga 2.0, a new PE class taught by SHS physical education teacher Melissa FitzGerald. Yoga 2.0 aims to give motivated students a more in-depth understanding of the practice of yoga.

I’m taking Yoga 2.0 this semester and wanted to bring attention to it because it is not a very well-known class. I believe that Yoga 2.0 would be an extremely beneficial class for all those who are deeply interested in the practice of yoga and mindfulness.

Yoga 2.0 consists of small class discussions, mindfulness training, partner work and learning different types of yoga practices and philosophies. The class is free to all who would like to join, but it is recommended that you take at least one semester of Yoga 1.0 beforehand. Fitzgerald’s ultimate goal is for students to learn about all the benefits that yoga and mindfulness can provide.

“Because we had so many outstanding yoga students that took two semesters of yoga and…a lot of interest for people to continue yoga, we wanted to offer an opportunity for students…[to dive] a little deeper into not just the physical practice but the mental side of yoga and ‘living yoga,’” FitzGerald said.

“In my mind, I’m really hopeful that students that take yoga 2.0 will [not only] leave with a better understanding of yoga and the benefits of it, but actually experience the benefits,” FitzGerald said. “So they…can take away [tools] for the rest of their lives with mindfulness and yoga and learn how to live their yoga practices…and [give] these students the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and gain confidence.”

FitzGerald says that the class is “100% a mutual learning experience,” and an opportunity to build connections and see day-to-day transformations in her students.

This year, the brand new class has nine students, all coming in with different skill levels. FitzGerald describes the class as being for anyone who is “…highly motivated and extremely interested in the benefits of yoga.”

One SHS student, Junior Eli O’Keefe, joined Yoga 2.0 after first being introduced to yoga in his Strength, Speed, Agility and Quickness class (SAQ). As a student-athlete doing competitive powerlifting and playing volleyball year-round, O’Keefe enjoys the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

“I get less stressed throughout my day, and I can focus more on my other classes and not worry as much throughout the day,” O’Keefe said. “It’s…a great way to clear my mind and not be as sore all the time and get better at balance.”

SHS Junior Keira Bomeli, a competitive dancer, enjoys the community that Yoga 2.0 provides her with.

“I love it,” Bomeli said. “I think it’s great to be with a bunch of people who enjoy yoga as much as you do because everyone is going to try their hardest and fully express themselves.

Yoga 2.0 students Lillian Newby and Heather Cook doing the partner boat pose during class.
“It’s such a good judgment-free zone. It’s such a good group of people to be around, and it’s interesting because it’s not people I would see in any of my academic classes, so…you can connect on such a deep level even if you barely know each other.”

Sophomore Isabelle Golan, certified yoga instructor, took Yoga 1.0 three times. Golan was excited to continue learning yoga practices in a more in-depth fashion.

“It’s such a rewarding class, and we get to do yoga, we get to talk to people,” Golan said. “It’s a very mind-opening and body-opening class. You get to learn so much and challenge your body. I felt very strong once I started this class, this semester I feel myself gaining a lot of strength I didn’t have before.”

FitzGerald is happy with the way the first semester of the class is going so far and is excited to see further growth.

“It’s the best part of my day,” FitzGerald said. “I get to connect with these wonderful students, and it’s not just me talking and teaching at them, it’s really a group experience, and I get to do and teach yoga with them.”

FitzGerald encourages SHS students to sign up for a yoga class in the future and discover the benefits that it can bring.

“Give it a try and just have an open mind to what’s possible,” FitzGerald said. “Sometimes people have an idea of what yoga and mindfulness is but until you really give it a try and see for yourself, I think that you wouldn’t regret it.”

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    Melissa FitzGeraldApr 26, 2024 at 8:27 am

    Great article Lillian!!