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Spring break fashion inspiration: a guide to staying stylish and trend

Spring Break is the perfect time to get away from your cold hometown and enjoy warm weather. The drastic change in climates can be difficult on our fashion senses. Sometimes, we get used to wearing comfy sweats and thick jackets, and we forget how to dress and accessorize for warm weather. We are here to give fashionable recommendations to keep your looks in check for this upcoming spring break.

Dresses: Anna’s Recommendations

“Spring Break Sundress Inspiration.” Graphic made by Anna Wong.

For Spring Break, I think a staple item is a fun, flowy sundress. Currently, dress trends lead more toward pastel colors, ruffles and flowery designs. A light-colored dress really is a good choice for Spring Break. Bohemian dresses are also in style, and I really love this look because it gives a free-spirited and artistic vibe. A good sundress is a must-have if you want to enjoy warm weather.

Another great reason why everyone needs a sundress for vacation is because it can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be worn to a nice dinner or a casual stroll on the beach. I prefer to wear dresses in warm weather rather than shorts– dresses are always cute, and it diminishes the stress of coordinating a top and bottom outfit.

My favorite places to shop for a cute sundress are Free People ($$$), Princess Polly ($$) and Target ($).

The top left dress in the graphic is from Free People. I chose to highlight this look because it is a long dress that I think could be perfect for many occasions — a late morning brunch, a casual dinner or walking around the town. I love the floral detailing, and I really enjoy how the loose, linen dress gives a hippie vibe, but the low v-cut front accentuates your figure and adds a little sass. You may not go for this exact dress, but I think this style is a must have.

I featured the middle dress from Princess Polly because I loved this short dress option and the baby-doll style.This dress style is super trendy. The ruffles and lace patchwork are very stylish. Pastel yellow is a great color to wear on Spring Break because, in my opinion, you can only wear this light color if you’re out in the sun on a warm day. This dress comes in five colors, all of which are great options for Spring.

The white dress on the right is from Target. This is a great option for both a swimsuit cover up and an evening dress. This dress comes in four different colors, but I chose to highlight the white one because I feel like a Spring Break necessity is a white dress– they’re very beachy. This dress is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise style.

Accessories: Emma’s Recommendations

Emma’s necklace inspiration for spring break. The beaded necklace is from Milestones and the charm necklace is from Butter Lane Antiques.

For spring break leading into summer vacation, I believe we should all make handmade jewelry. I personally make a lot of my jewelry, and I can honestly say it is my favorite hobby and not hard to do at all. Also, everything you make is unique from any other piece you could ever buy. Micheals has so many beads and materials for any creation you could want. Although supplies can sometimes be pricey, there are ways to not break your bank. For example, sometimes I will take my old or thrift jewelry apart and piece it together in a different way I like more.

But if making jewelry doesn’t sound appealing to you, buying it is just fine as well. I think the biggest trend for spring is charm necklaces with all the charms that describe you as a person. Another type of charm necklace is vintage charms people can collect from antique shops. I love how personalized charm necklaces are. Beaded necklaces will always be perfect for spring as well. They are also easy to make for yourself.

For earrings, the best choice is hoops. They are classic and timeless. I like chunky hoops best because they make any outfit more elevated, even if you are wearing a sweatshirt and leggings. I think dainty jewelry should be packed away for the spring and it is time to bring out the bold, chunky, and colorful pieces.

For bags, big is best. They are perfect for the beach and packing up all the miscellaneous items you may or may not need. I love the slouchy, lived-in look of a bag. I think this is achievable by thrifting them, but also Free People has a lot of great options. These bags are cute but also spacious. Good spring bag colors are dark green, mustard, pinks, muted purples, browns and tans, I think these colors capture the in-between of winter and summer.

Makeup: Sasha’s Recommendations

Sasha’s makeup recommendations. Cosmetics linked below in article.

Depending on where you travel for spring break, your makeup can change significantly. If you are traveling somewhere warm, it’s nice to have a soft, supple, shimmer look. If you are traveling somewhere that may be colder, then it’s nice to go for something more sultry, seductive and smokey. Since spring break is generally associated with warmth, here’s my guide to the perfect sun-kissed glam look.

So, to start, for a tropical vibe, it’s best to keep the face as light and natural as possible and keep the main focal point on the eyes and lips. For the face, I suggest a skin tint if you are looking for more full-coverage glam, but emphasize the sun-kissed look with some blush and highlight. This will give the face a glowy, youthful and relaxed look while still looking and feeling beautiful.

For the eyes, this is the perfect opportunity to elevate your look. Since you will be in the sun, I suggest a nice bronzy eye with cream products that are easy to blend, so it can be a quick look but give you maximum turnout. Another great way to elevate your look is keeping the face simple with a pop of color on the lips, particularly a lip product that leaves a stain or a tint, so you won’t have to worry about constantly reapplying.

The fab four items you need to achieve these simple looks are in the infographic– there is an itemized list of drugstore vs luxury products.

On the left side: Elf Halo Glow Foundation, Elf Liquid Blush, Colourpop Shadow Stick and Elf Lip Oil. On the right side: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, Milk Jelly Blush, Tarte Eyeshadow Sticks, and Fenty Lip Stain.

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