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The newest addition to the “Godzilla X Kong” movies: Was this the best ending to the saga?

Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire Movie Cover.
Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire Movie Cover.

As I was driving over to Cinemark Valley View and XD, I was contemplating how good the new “King Kong X Godzilla: The New Empire” would be. The only thing I was able to compare it to was “Godzilla Minus One,” which I did find thrilling, but some parts included mediocre acting, so much so that my friend and I were laughing over how fake it all seemed.

But, that movie had almost nothing to do with the newest film, having completely different characters, unrelated story plot, and no inclusion of previous knowledge needed to understand the setting and returning characters of this action packed movie.

Now, I’m just going to warn you. Other than the previous movie I have watched, I have not seen the rest of the collection so I may not have full background knowledge of all of the recurring characters and the previous happenings and events in the movie series.

Speaking of recurring characters, there seems to be many who appear as main characters in this movie.

There is Dr. Illene Andrews, who is an intelligent scientist and linguist as well as an adoptive mother to Jia. She works closely with Kong to keep him safe and secure on Hollow Earth. This character is played by Rebecca Hall.

Jia is a deaf and orphaned Iwi tribe girl and the last known survivor of her tribe from Skull Island in “Godzilla vs. Kong.” She also has a close relationship with Kong and has the telekinetic ability to communicate and utilizes sign language to connect with Kong and other forces as well. This character is played by Kaylee Hottle.

The last reoccurring main character is Bernie Hayes, the needed comedic character who is a conspiracy theorist and expresses his views on his podcast. He is played by Brian Tyree Henry.

The last character, who is brand new to the Monsterverse, is Trapper. This character is adventurous and daring, who takes on unusual jobs as a Titan Veterinarian, played by Dan Stevens.

This latest film is a sequel to the “Godzilla X Kong” movie in which Kong had defeated Mechagodzilla and now resides in Hollow World. On Earth’s surface, Godzilla continues to destroy cities and maintain the human and monster relationship.

The Monarch, a base in which the monsters are monitored and studied (and where Andrews is employed), catches up on a distress signal that Jia is also able to pick up with her ability to sense signals.

As a sinkhole begins to open in Kong’s territory, he begins to discover new lands and new threats. The main villain of the story that comes from the unearthing of new areas is Scar King, who rules the rest of his kind and Shimo, a cryokinetic Titan with ice-based powers.

Before knowing about these dangers, Andrews, Jia, Hayes, and Trapper all go on a mission to try and figure out why these signals are coming through and to make sure that not only Kong is safe, but that he doesn’t come into contact with Godzilla.

Upon arrival, they are hit blow after blow with new and shocking discoveries that educates their naive perspective on these underworlds. Not only is new information brought to them, but they unearth the past and utilize that to their advantage in order to help Kong defeat Scar King.

Now, as you may know, Kong is not the only Titan that appears in this movie. When those distress signals surfaced, Godzilla felt them too. Once it felt threatened, Godzilla went around major cities in an attempt to gain more power from radiation cities in order to take on these new and unknown menaces.

The part of the film that I appreciated the most was the central graphic intelligence throughout the film. These islands and new sites were extraordinarily detailed and consisted of beautiful color work and construction.

The designs throughout the movie and the utilization of nature for different purposes was extremely interesting and a joy to experience.

At some parts, I will say, I got a bit bored because the fighting scenes went on longer than they needed to, and I caught myself looking down at my phone on those occasions.

In all, I believe the plot line was followed in an appropriate fashion, and the recurrence of certain parts from “Godzilla X Kong” movie was perfectly tied in. The legends and practices of the Iwi tribe, as you will see, was the main reason there was such a great ending to the 38th film in the Godzilla franchise, and it seems as though this is the last.

If you are an avid Godzilla or King Kong fan, I would recommend this movie. But, if you have only seen one like me, I would familiarize yourself with the information provided in the previous movies before going to enjoy this one.

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