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“Dune: Part Two”: visual and auditory masterpiece

“Dune: Part Two: visual and auditory masterpiece

In August 1965, author Frank Herbert wrote the novel “Dune,” In 2021 “Dune Part One” was released, as a way to lay a foundation for the second film. As someone who has seen both, the first isn’t necessarily a must watch to have an understanding of the second, but is a must that you either watch the second film in the theater or with headphones on.

The story follows the rebellion in a dystopian world, among Paul Atreides and the Fremen people. With Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Austin Butler and Christopher Walken, the cast is quite stacked which makes the film even more captivating.

This film is visually and auditorily appealing. As the film is set in sand dunes, stunning images are constantly displayed on the screen elevating the viewer’s experience. Cinematographer Greig Fraser, crafted the film so that everything appears larger than life, not only enhancing the look but also adding to the story by creating a completely new universe.

Notorious Hans Zimmer scored both of the films but took sound to a different level in this film. The score in these films are unlike any other– it makes the audience feel transported into the Dune universe. It almost feels as if the sound is coming from the desert itself just fully engulfing the audience.

Combining both factors when watching the viewer experience is not like watching a typical movie– when there is battle or conflict the viewer feels it as well. When a sound echoes through your screen it’s chilling and suspenseful.

Since “Dune” is set in the sand, I had low expectations for the wardrobe, but with that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the costume design, since this isn’t the first dystopian film, it’s hard to create new, original and unique looks, but this film overcame the challenge. Styling the cast in full body armor.

Since the Fremen and Atradies people were living on completely different planets with different cultures their style was quite different at the beginning. As the movie proceeds, outfits are very telling of the journey/growth of specifically Chalamet’s character, displaying where allegiance lies.

As Herbet was quite specific with his details in the book, director Denis Villienuve made sure to bring all of those intricate details to life. Making sure that his vision was clear so that when working with costume design there was no room for confusion.

“Dune” inspired so many other popular sci-fi franchises like “Star Wars,” “Mad Max,” etc. Due to production demanding such advanced technical work, the film could not be produced until this year. So to come out with a sci-fi concept that has already been used but make it unique and surpass expectations is fascinating as “Dune” still holds rank over other films.

Overall, “Dune” was a film that captivated audiences both visually and auditorily, along with its impressive costume design and amazing adaptation from book to screen.

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