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Spring-Cleaning your life: A guide


It’s finally spring and we all know what that means. It’s officially time for the annual spring-cleaning. The spring-cleaning tradition began in the 19th century enabling people to open their windows and doors and begin to clean out their homes. Spring-cleaning is all about cleansing your life and preparing for the new season. Here is my guide to spring-cleaning.



Clean up your diet:

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Nutritions and Proteins:
One of the most important aspects of cleansing your life is cleansing your diet. And no, I do not mean to go on some diet you find on the internet. Improving the types of foods that you ingest is essential. Intake of the proper amount of protein and nutritions is absolutely non-negotiable. Try including foods like eggs, nuts, fish, etc. into your meals. Some meal ideas are Pan-Seared Salmon with Kale and Apple Salad and Healthy Rice Cooker Garlic Shrimp with Chorizo.

Fresh Foods:
As the weather gets warmer, our bodies naturally crave fresher foods such as fruits and vegetables. Salads, such as spinach or kale salads, are always a great choice for spring, but they are not the only option. The important thing is eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables, especially greens.

Cut Out the Junk:
As we all know, added sugars are not good for you. In order to be and feel healthier it is important to reduce your intake of added sugars. Foods that are high in sodium are also not healthy for you. Cutting out food such as chips, candy, cakes, pastries, etc. is very important to improving your diet. Now, it is completely okay to indulge in a few of your favorite sweet or salty treats once in a while. Balance is key.

Clean Out Your Fridge:
In order to change your diet, it is important to keep the right types of food stocked in your fridge. Stocking up on all your favorite fruits and veggies along with proteins and yogurts is essential. It is equally as important to remove junk foods. If you only have high sugar and sodium foods in your pantry, you may have a hard time sticking to your new diet.

Rid Bad Habits:

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Throughout the year, everyone picks up a few dispreferred habits that you’ve been meaning to kick such as spending too much money, staring at your screen too long, or eating out too much. Now is the time to do it. Don’t let bad habits clutter your mental space. These habits are not good for you and you are strong enough to unlearn them. Bad habits die hard, so you’ll have to work harder. No matter the habit, the process won’t be easy but recovery is not a straight path.

The key to a healthy life is balance and therefore limiting yourself is essential. If you struggle with eating out too much, you do not have to completely give up fast food. A smarter approach is to limit yourself to one or two times a week. The same applies for screen time. Set a specific amount of time where you can scroll on your phone and once that time is up, put it down. If you struggle with spending too much money, set a budget for yourself and only purchase what you absolutely need. Rewarding yourself for good habits and punishing yourself for bad habits (taking away your cheat day or tightening restrictions for the next month) is a good way to keep yourself in check.

Remember you will have ups and downs and even some step backs but try not to get discouraged. Remember it is not about the results, it’s about the process. You can do it.

Pick Up a New Hobby:

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There is always room to learn and grow, no matter how old you are or where you may be in your life. The world is a vast and complex place and there is always something new to learn. There is no better time than the present to pick up a new hobby. Whether it’s pottery or archery, a new hobby can add a new dimension to your life that you may not have even realized you were missing. Put yourself out there, explore and learn something new. You never know what your next passion might be.

Make a Change to Your Appearance:

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This one is just a suggestion if you are able to. It’s okay to splurge on some new clothes once in a while. Buy that dress you’ve been wanting or get the haircut you’ve been eyeing. There is no change without change.


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In order to cleanse your life for spring, you need to take a step back sometimes and just take a breath. There is a vast variety of ways to relax but here are a few of my personal favorites:

From yoga to going for a jog, adding these types of movements into your life might be just the thinking you’ve been needing to relax. Yoga has proved to be one of the best ways to relax and destress due to the relaxing nature of the exercise.

One of my favorite ways to destress is to listen to some of my favorite music. Music can be very calming or just enjoyable. Some songs can cause the release of dopamine into your brain upon hearing them, therefore making you happier.

Journaling:                                                                                                                                                                                            Documenting the stressors in your life can help get some stuff off your chest without disclosing anything to someone else. Journaling can be relaxing in many ways. Even if you just braindump onto a page, it is a good method to relax and worth a try.

Declutter Your Space:


Get Rid of the Unnecessary:
Alas, the most well-known part of spring-cleaning: the actual cleaning.

Decluttering your home or area is very important to cleansing your life. Your brain will have a hard time staying clear if you are constantly in a cluttered space. Donate or give away as much as you can and throw away the rest of the stuff you don’t need. If you have no use for that old box, why are you keeping it? It’s not just cluttering your room, it’s cluttering your life.

Refresh Your Decor:
Sometimes a change in decoration or a rearranging of furniture is just what you need to clear up your head space. It’s okay to move your furniture around or to buy that new blanket you’ve been wanting.

Although spring-cleaning may be a lot of work, it’s definitely worth it. There is no better feeling than going into Summer with a clean mind and a clean life.

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