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Billie Eilish’s new album, is it worth your time?

HIT ME HARD AND SOFT album cover.
“HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” album cover.

Billie Eilish has done it again. The singer-songwriter released her third album, “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” on May 17, 2024. Spanning 43 minutes with 10 tracks, the blue themed album is one of my personal favorites, and I decided to go in depth on my favorite tracks.

Track 1 – “SKINNY”
Coming in at 3:39, the first song in “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,” had a deep and beautiful meaning, addressing both her recent breakup and people’s opinions on her body.

Since her rise to fame, Eilish has received backlash on the way she dresses and her body, and reflected this in her first track. Her opening verse has the lyrics “People say I look happy / Just because I got skinny / But the old me is still me and maybe the real me / And I think she’s pretty.”

I personally think this is such a meaningful piece, just because someone loses weight does not mean they’re happy, and it’s sung in such a beautiful way. This is not Eilish’s first song addressing body image, in her sophomore album “Happier Than Ever” her song “Not My Responsibility” is also about body image.

I also enjoyed her vocals, but my favorite part was the soft instrumental that starts around 2:40. I heard a little influence of “What Was I Made For?” in it, and it was a beautiful transition into “LUNCH.”

Track 2 – “LUNCH”
After officially coming out as part of the LGBTQIA+ community in late 2023, Eilish released her first song about a girl, “Claire” as said in the first chorus . Throughout “LUNCH,” which has a more upbeat tempo than “SKINNY,” she references her feelings “I’m interested in more than just being your friend.”

When the tracklist and sneak peeks were released, this song was highly anticipated. I think it’s a really good song, one of my favorite songs on the album. I love the tempo, the beat, and the harmonies. Her vocals are light and soft which pair well with the next song “CHIHIRO.”

Track 3 – “CHIHIRO”
“CHIHIRO” itself is a Japanese name that has a variety of meanings, but Eilish intended it to be a reference to her favorite anime movie “Spirited Away” which follows the main character through a journey to save her parents that teaches her a number of things, including hard work, compassion and greed. The song has a good beat, but is still soft, almost a middle ground between “SKINNY” and “LUNCH” and combines the feel of both.

Track 8 – “THE DINER”
My favorite of the album, “THE DINER” has a more vintage and almost dark feeling, like her previous album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”.

Fans speculate that Eilish was calling out her stalker, whom she has filed a restraining order against after a strong threat to her and her family and breaking into their home. This is not confirmed by Eilish, however the song has strong lyrics that reflect his obsession, “I’m here around the clock / I’m waitin’ on your block (I’m waitin’ on your block) / But please don’t call the cops / They’ll make me stop / And I just wanna talk (I just wanna talk).”

At the end of the song, a phone number is whispered by Eilish twice, “(310) 807-3956,” which when called, an automated voicemail of Eilish answers. Aside from all of the signs within the song, I love the beat, it has a carnival like feel behind it which just reminds me of her EP (Extended play) “dont smile at me.”

These were my personal favorites, every album she releases sounds so different and this is no exception. This album was such an experience– Eilish chose to release it all at once to give it a cohesive feel, and it did that. The transitions between each song are smooth and flow together easily, so it feels like one whole complex song. It has a roller coaster of emotion. Eilish also works on all of her music with her brother, Finneas, so this album definitely reflects his style as well. Overall, it’s a gorgeous album.

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