Thanksgiving in SHS


Vittorio Hayek, Contributing Writer

At Solon High School (SHS), a large public school in Northeastern Ohio, traditions such as giving thanks, eating enough food individually to feed a bear, and even going to Church, all remain the same for the diverse city. Of course, one can’t talk about Thanksgiving without mentioning football at least one time.

According to a Junior at SHS Wade Hamilton, Thanksgiving revolves around three things.

“Food, family and football,” Hamilton said.

For Hamilton, you could add another “F” into that for faith. For him, religion plays a large part in his Thanksgiving traditions.

“We usually go to Church and do a charity event,” Hamilton said.

But, the most important thing about Thanksgiving for him is the fact that Thanksgiving itself provides an opportunity to bring the family together.

“[We] recognize that we’re all unified… we’re all in this thing called life together.”

Maya Tomarchio, a sophomore at SHS, celebrates Thanksgiving with her family. Tomarchio said that Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for familial reasons because she gets to see family she doesn’t usually. She spends time with her nono and nona, or her Italian grandparents, while eating a variety of food such as: sweet potatoes, steak and pasta. Thanksgiving is Tomarchio’s third favorite holiday, and she truly finds it important.

“It’s a time to give thanks and celebrate with your family,” Tomarchio said.

So, no matter if you eat turkey or steak, go to church or stay home, Thanksgiving can bring families and friends together and gives everyone an opportunity to reflect on 2019 and what we can all be thankful for.