Best stores to shop for Black Friday


Save your money to spend on Black Friday all through November

Nyah Prelog, Contributing Writer

After Halloween, our free time is booked with holiday gift shopping, holiday songs, delicious foods and so much more. Soon, Black Friday is going to arrive and just like every other year, everyone will be scrambling to purchase their holiday gifts while there is still a sale. With the pandemic going on, some stores have changed Black Friday regulations and have decided to close shop on Thanksgiving. But there’s nothing to fear because  stores are planning to offer Black Friday deals during the whole month of November. Here are some stores that are popular with good deals going on for Black Friday.  


Starting off with JCPenny, their discounts from the past five years have been above 60%, which includes their merchandise categories such as their jewelry and furniture. They offer up to 50% toys, 80% off jewelry with an extra 40%, an extra 30% shoes, some apparel and home goods. Their Black Friday event does not last the whole month, but rather Nov. 25-28 when their doors open at 5 a.m. It’s okay if one can’t make it to the stores at the crack of dawn because their website will still be open when deals go live. 



Next is Walmart. Last year, their total discount was 34.3%. This year it may increase. Even though they are closed on Thanksgiving like many other stores, they started their Black Friday event on Nov. 4 starting deals of $30 off on Apple Airpods Generation 2, a discount on 65-inch 4K UHD Roku TV and gaming laptops. Walmart also has more deals that start on Nov. 7 on toys and other electronics.  However, they are only having three separate saving events across the month including the sales online. Starting Nov. 11, exclusive deals on electronics start at 7 p.m. Home goods and apparel starting Nov. 14 at midnight along with movies, books, music, tools, and more electronics.


Dicks Sporting Goods 

Dicks Sporting Goods is slightly above 50% off for their Black Friday event. Their estimated discount last year was 52.3% and has increased slightly over the past three years. Yet, they are having a guaranteed 25% discount on everything along with up to 50% off on brand named clothes for the family, up to 30% on select outdoor gear, and up to 40% on select footwear. Fortunately, Dicks Sporting Goods deals may change as we approach Black Friday, for now,  they are having weekly deals so make sure to check every week.



On their website, they have kept their discounts a secret for now but have announced that they are giving deals on their top designer brands. Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday event plans to go live starting on Nov. 20 through Dec. 1.  Different deals will be posted throughout those 12 days so make sure to check the website and your shopping cart over those 12 days. 



Target is another popular store during Black Friday and their Black Friday event is going on right now through the whole month of November and new deals are posted daily with their electronics prices marked down already. Last year their discount was 34.3%. Their pre-Black Friday deals are mostly on home goods. Nonetheless, they currently have deals on video games. “Mario Odyssey, Mario Aces and Zelda: Breath of the Wild” can be purchsed in a pack for just $30. 

All in all, with the pandemic interfering with the holiday season, that has not stopped stores from doing sales for their customers. If anything, this new ‘all month Black Friday event’ seems to benefit these businesses and customers.