Whoever said the second movie is always worse than the first was wrong

Vanessa Hudgens in  “Princess switch: switched again” playing three characters

Vanessa Hudgens in “Princess switch: switched again” playing three characters

Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

Netflix has actually done it, they have created a second movie of the series that I like better than the first which very rarely happens with any series. The “Princess Switch: Switched Again” is the second movie in the “Princess Switched” series, and It is a hilarious, fast-paced movie that doesn’t make anything seem too easy or completely unreal, well besides the fact that three characters are identical.

“Princess Switched” is about Stacy DeNovo and Lady Margaret (played by Vanessa Hudgens) switching places to give Marget a chance to experience a more normal life in the kingdom. Though, while doing this Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s betrothed Prince Edward, and Margaret falls in love with Stacy’s best friend Kevin. The movie ends with Stacy and Edward getting married.

In “Princess Switched: Switched again,” Lady Margaret is getting ready for her coronation to be queen of her own country because of the king dying and his son abdicating. Margaret becomes queen which causes Margaret and Kevin to break up. The whole movie is about trying to get them back together,  with the added problem of Margaret’s cousin showing up and trying to take the throne.

One of the coolest things about this movie is that Vanessa Hudgens plays three parts, Margaret Delecord, Stacy DeNovo and Fiona De Luca. To do this they would have to have other actors pretend to be the other character Hudgens plays so the Hudgens could act with someone. They also would have to do major editing to make it look like the scenes were happening at the same time. (If you watch the making of Liv and Maddie you get a better understanding of this), but unless you knew how they did this you would think it’s 3 different actors that just look alike because of how well it was done.

Another thing I like about this movie is they don’t make anything too easy or overcomplicated. One thing movies like to do is make everything but the main problem a walk in the park or make everything so difficult that it takes away from the main plot of the movie, but not in this one. While there are other problems in the movie besides the love between Margaret and Kevin, they don’t take over the play. There is a good balance between all of the drama and the different plots in the movie.

Also, the movie moves at a quick place so it doesn’t get boring. When I reached the end I was shocked as it felt like it went by so quickly even though it is about an hour and 30 minutes long.

While I do love the movie, I can’t say that it is something everyone would enjoy. There’s not much action or actual fighting so if you love watching action movies this is not for you. There is also a bit of romance in the movie so, if you don’t like that then you probably won’t enjoy it. Though all in all, it is very well done and entertaining.

I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy watching the movie as much as I did.