Solon High School: the TV show

Solon High School: the TV show

Amy Iheme, Opinion Editor

Home to roughly 1,600 students, Solon High School (SHS) is filled with a diverse student body of different characters. The school’s climate is sure to mimic one of a popular tv show or movie. But which one?

Surely we would not cross off the ever popular 2004 movie, “Mean Girls” list due to the school’s competitive nature, or “Glee” because of the variety of cliques that reflect those of McKinley High School, Senior Nicholas Kasper suggests. 

“I would [say] ‘Mean Girls’ because everyone is so competitive when it comes to grades or sports, and people seem to judge others when it comes to selecting colleges,” Kasper said. “Also, Solon has many different cliques and is very diverse, so I guess the show ‘Glee’ works too.”

Senior Gretchen Pfundstien suggests that the school’s competitive environment mimics that in “Grey’s Anatomy” because of the drama and the competition amongst everyone to be the best, but Senior Sandra Bowman says that “Gilmore Girls” is a better representation of the school’s competitive nature. 

“Let’s say ‘Gilmore Girls’ because that show is really fast paced, and the school Rory goes to is really posh and all about high scores,” Bowman said. “And there’s drama.”

No show can go unturned when determining the perfect crown-fit for our school. Senior Ethan Marigney contributes to a pool of shows that reflect our school’s competitive nature, but with the ever popular show on VH1: “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“This is puzzling, I don’t really watch much T.V.. [The] only answer I really have is ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ although [the school] isn’t anything like it besides the competitive setting,” Marigney said.

Netflix original series count as well. Senior Cynthia Onyiorah says that the school encompasses similar qualities like the new Netflix drama series “Grand Army”– but not as dramatic. 

“[The school] is very diverse,” Onyiorah said. ‘Everyone is going through their own personal problems, and the students are trying to advocate for more inclusivity.” 

Junior Navaeh Porter suggests that SHS embodies the Kardashian-Jenner Family in the hit show, that is coming to a season-finale, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

“Why? Because we have good days then bad days, but at the end of the day we’re just one big school,” Porter said. “Just like the Kardashians we are just one big family– plus we have different personalities.”

If our school was a movie or T.V. show, I think that it would be the 2010 comedy film, “Grown Ups.” We are just a bunch of highschool kids, many of whom are legal adults, with major responsibilities, but we still insist on enjoying our youth.