“The Christmas Chronicles 2”: An honest review and summary


Sophia Spivey, Contributing Writer

With the holidays and the festivities just around the corner, and many families at home due to complications with the pandemic, a wholesome and heartfelt Christmas movie is a perfect way for everyone to enjoy themselves in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Sometime during the week, I managed to find some time to watch the Netflix original movie, “The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2,” which premiered on Netflix Nov. 25 of this year. I decided to give an honest review of the movie myself, for those families who are still searching for the perfect movie to watch with their families.

Prior to watching the movie, I went online to read some of the many reviews from people who have already seen the movie. The ratings were averaged out to a 6.8 out of 10 stars, and 80% of the people that watched this movie have enjoyed it, according to the movies streaming service, IMDB. 

Some reviews I read from IDMB users who gave high ratings made similar comments like, “Thought this was a great return to the world of Santa Claus, and a pleasure to see more behind the story of Santa. So If you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow… oh sorry wrong movie, if you love Christmas just sit back and enjoy this heartwarming Xmas yarn with Kurt and Goldie- the only true Mr and Mrs Claus.” 

Many of the user reviews gave high praise to the actors, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who played Mr and Mrs. Claus in the film.

I also found some critic reviews on IMDB as well; one review in particular from “Ashley & Company,” where Ashley gave an honest opinion of the movie itself. As well as kudos to the celebrities casted as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, acknowledging how perfect they are for this movie and the roles they play. 

I think their roles in the movie are perfect for them and I think that they work well together in this movie, specifically. However, I was looking for reviews that shared thoughts on the movie itself.

Giving the movie an amazing review, Ashley’s first words on the movie in her review described the movie as, “Netflix’s gift of festive, holiday fun for the whole family.” She then summarizes the movie and it’s messages in its entirety, and she ends off by saying, “The story of family, the story of Christmas is one of love. Love that is unconditional and ever present. ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ delivers a film that reminds us of just that. And hopefully Netflix has more chronicles to tell.”

Aside from the amazing reviews people and critics left, I watched the trailer of the movie to get a good feel for what’s in store, and honestly, the trailer made me even more eager to watch the film myself. 

Finally, the time came where I was ready to be the judge and determine if this movie deserved the praise that it was receiving from everyone. 

Directed by Chris Columbus, “The Christmas Chronicles 2,” was by far one of the best Christmas films I have watched this year. A very heartfelt, adventurous and thrilling movie that I was able to watch and enjoy with my whole family.

However, there are a fair amount of people that did not enjoy the movie as much as I did. An article published by Ellis Smith on the SHS Courier titled, “A little too much Christmas from ‘Christmas Chronicles 2,’ “ Gives her personal thoughts and opinion when she watched the movie. 

I respectfully disagree with her saying the movie isn’t good because your whole family can watch it because it’s appropriate and includes no profanity of any kind, and it’s a bit different from the classic Christmas movies as it gives insight on the history of Santa Claus, and brings about many messages and ideas to kids and families.

Lasting for approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes,the film was a great experience that took me away from the harsh reality of life, during these times of uncertainty and brought me into a world where anything was possible.

The movie starts off with props from the evil elf, Belsnickel (Juliann Dennison), scrolling through footage of a once younger Kate Pierce (Darbie Harp), a true believer in Santa Claus and Christmas, who is now a teenager in the current storyline. 

Kate has problems coping with her mother (Kimerly Williams-Paisley), who is already pursuing a new relationship with a guy named Bob (Tyrese Gibson) and his young but veryintelligent son, Jack (Jahzir Bruno), after everything that went on with her father.

To add on to Kate’s issues, they decided to spend the holidays in Cancun instead of in the cold of winter, making this out to be the worst Christmas for Kate.

She then makes a wish to Santa asking him to help her escape from her family, thinking they would be better off without her around. Belsnickel overhearing her wish, gets to work scheming his evil schemes and separating her from her family. 

Instead of spending time in the resort with Jack, she decides to hop a ride to the airport, taking matters into her own hands after hearing rumors of a proposal. 

Not knowing that Jack had followed her, and that evil elf Belsnickel was driving them, her and Jack end up being tossed through a portal, which takes them to the North Pole?! 

And the rest is history, I would rather not spoil the entire movie for those of you who are interested in watching it. 

This movie not only differs from many of the Christmas classics we all know and love, but it also helps you understand the history of Santa Claus and the elvish language they have spoken throughout the movie. 

With all that said, I would highly recommend this movie to anybody that’s interested for you to enjoy with your families. It’s fun, exciting, heartwarming and a nice way to spend the holidays. I hope everyone has some very happy holidays, and if you’re planning on watching this movie, I hope you enjoy it as much as me and my family did.